Nathan Sings Stan - The Rogers Legacy Continues
Monday Nov 07, 2011 : $25 plus taxes TIME: 8 pm

Nathan Sings Stan - The Rogers Legacy Continues

Woody & Arlo Guthrie, Leonard and Adam Cohen, Bob & Jacob Dylan and Stan and Nathan Rogers. Some say genes, while others claim the sons of these songwriters went out and earned it. Whatever the case may be, Nathan Rogers has managed to carve out his own cutting edge niche in today's music world while at the same time keeping a foot planted in the tradition so well defined by his father Stan.

Nathan has increasingly been turning heads with his own material. His performance style leaves the audiences wondering where the rest of the band is hiding. Singing, chanting, playing the guitar and stomping, he fills any stage with "magnificent powerfully clear lyrics and arrangements." Described as 'intelligent and witty', Nathan will 'move men and women to tears with his sound and conviction." In doing so he is gaining new fans every day.

Along with his own original material Nathan has always found room during his performances to include one or two of his father's songs. From these performances sprung the idea to do a one-time tour performing Stan's repertoire. As a result this fall will see Nathan begin a cross Canada tour "Nathan Sings Stan - The Rogers Legacy continues." There is no one better who can bring this music to audiences with new life and voice than Stan's son Nathan.

Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers was a passionate Canadian partisan, and much of his short creative life was taken up with song cycles that chronicled the East, the Plains, the West and finally the Great Lakes and Ontario. He was always on the road pursuing his dream of establishing a national identity for Canadian songwriting. It was a dream fulfilled; through his constant soaring, dynamic performances and brilliant songs, he was known throughout most of the English-speaking folk music world. Stan Rogers' music continues to amaze, amuse and inspire people from all walks of life. It has appeared in several poetry anthologies, been used in films, plays and musicals, and has been referred to as "one of the touchstones of modern Canadian history."