Classics Movie Night -
Wednesday Jul 11, 2012 : $6 including taxes - Showtime: 7 p.m.

Classics Movie Night -
Come and join us for the first full-length movie ever to be shown at Harmony House Theatre! Check out our projector and 16-foot screen and enjoy the comfortable seats and surroundings, popcorn and treats!

"The Black Stallion" (1979) was my late grandmother Chadwick's favourite book and we wanted to show something that everyone could enjoy for the very first show. While traveling with his father, young Alec becomes fascinated by a mysterious Arabian stallion that is brought on board and stabled in the ship he is sailing on. When the ship tragically sinks both he and the horse survive only to be stranded on a deserted island. Alec befriends the horse, so when finally rescued both return to his home where they soon meet Henry Dailey, a once successful trainer. Together they begin training The Black to race against the fastest horses in the world.

Seats can be booked in advance by calling us at 964-2255 or get them at the door.

See you at the movies!