Emmett Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Emmett Otter's Jug-Band Christmas
This topic deserves a special place of it's own because me and Emmett, well, we go a long way back. This is DEEP, folks. In fact, the deepest yet :)

Now that we're gearing up for movies at the theatre, I've been wearing my thinking cap a little more lately, trying to come up with some brilliant movies from the decades of archives available in this world. Since we haven't had very many kid-related events just yet at the theatre, I wanted to come up with something extra special just for them.

Apart from the movies, I was actually thinking about writing and producing a Christmas play based on my all time favourite book entitled "Emmett Otter's Jug-band Christmas", written by Russell Hoban in 1971 (just happens to be the same year I was born!). At the moment, I'm actually in search of my original copy that I've had since I was 6. One night around last Christmas, I removed it from it's usual sacred place in my bedroom (a stack on the floor - but a very special stack nonetheless), pinned the girls down and made them listen to me read it! After 15 minutes of moans and groans (as they pretended they didn't like it - or maybe it was the extra enthusiasm in my voice that became annoying) I put it in Jenna's desk in her room (or so I thought), but now I CAN'T FIND IT! Anyway, it will surface. I just know it. Emmett wouldn't go away and leave me forever!

Since I've been on the hunt for my book over the past few weeks, I figure time is a runnin' out so if I have any chance of writing, producing, cast calling, rehearsing, making sets, costumes and selling tickets on top of all of this, I had better act fast and come up with A copy, if not THE copy of the book! So, what else does a desperate person do when in search of something, but "Google" it? A long list of Emmett topics came up - of course I'm not the only Emmett Otter fan in the world! Duh! I thought I was "right special like". I had totally forgotten (or maybe I never knew at all, I'm not sure) about the 1977 Jim Henson movie version of the book! What an exciting day in the history of Harmony House Theatre, heck - my life, it was for Mel! I even e-mailed Kris at the store to share my excitement and called the girls at home to tell them what I had discovered and that I had just ordered the movie on-line and that it would be here in a couple of weeks and that I would MAKE them watch it with me when it arrived :) Again, they "pretended" to think I was crazy, but deep down I know they think it's quite amusing :)

So, now that Emmett and "Ma" are on their way to Hunter River, I can put the dream of producing a real production out of my mind for the time being. This way, I get to share this wonderful Christmas story with all the local kiddies and the fabulous work is already done! I've also decided to make it a charitable event with proceeds going to a family for Christmas. I watched a few clips on YouTube and they were so sweet. If you're reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about, just search it on YouTube for yourself and you'll see why I love these characters and the story they tell so much. Though you probably won't get the whole picture with a short clip or two. The whole movie will be worth watching without a doubt! I'll have to let everyone know about the date of the showing. It will be in December for sure since it's a Christmas story.

If you're reading this and you're a fellow Emmett Otter fan, please e-mail me at info@harmonyhousetheatre.com and tell me your story! I would love to hear it. Hope you don't think I'm a wing-nut! I'm really not. I've just had this fixation with this story year after year and it hasn't left me yet. I hope it never does!

Thanks for listening!